View Full Version : [ubuntu] Spotify, Online video crash when screen off

February 6th, 2011, 05:14 PM

I'm running ubuntu maverick. If I'm watching an online video(iplayer, 4od etc.) and the screen times out (so it dims and turns off) and I'm watching fullscreen the video crashes - usually I can still hear the audio but I have to flick back between full screen and not full screen to get the video working again.

Also, I run spotify free under wine and if the screen goes off (either from timeout or shutting the lid) spotify crashes and I have to exit, reload it. In this case "crashes" means I can still navigate the player but if I click on anything it won't play - the song album art etc. shows up but the progress thing doesn't move and no sound comes out.

Hope that makes sense! I think it's something to do with my internet crashing when the screen is shut. All of these things work fine under windows...

Thanks in advance, let me know if you need more info than this bad description!