View Full Version : [ubuntu] conneting laptop to hdtv via hdmi

February 5th, 2011, 11:29 PM
I am running maverick. trying to connect my laptop to my tv (1080p) over a hdmi cable, when I connect the cable I do see the tv in the display settings and it seems some of the programs (hard to explain, for example, vlc player shows up on the tv screen but some others don't) show up on the screen, if not all.

The issue is..

If I am playing a move on vlc player then I can only see vlc player on the tv not on the laptop and the mouse on the laptop which means I can't control the program.

Essentially what I am noticing is a lack of just using the tv completely as a monitor (with mouse and programs, both) and then switch back completely to the laptop (just like you do in windows with a fn+f7 type key).

help appreciated.