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February 5th, 2011, 08:58 PM
are there command line tools for manipulating {in particular, merging} svg files? quick googling hasnt turned up anything for me yet.

i need to merge objects from 2 svg files into a 2-layer or 1-layer svg file. i dont need to scale/move/manipulate the objects themselves. i need to do this for dozens of files. {im dynamically injecting text onto an icon set, for use where i need a single icon, and there is no support for using transparency}

i wrote a script to parse the defs and the paths and produce a file containing both, but its incredibly naive. {information was taken from looking at examples of what inkscape did when i pasted an object in, as opposed to researching the specs of svg}

it works MOST of the time.

some changes to the application im writing make the script no longer sufficient. im losing color information in gradients somehow or other.

i dont wanna fully implement merging with all the complexity of svg, when im sure smarter people have already done it. i could probably poke around the inner bits of inkscape and make a cli for some of the operations, but i was wondering if there is already a set of command line tools for manipulating svg.

February 5th, 2011, 09:15 PM
oh, i can just stick everything under the root <svg/> tag, multiple <defs> and <path>s are allowed. thats easier anyway, but im still seeing gradients having the wrong color. odd, when i put the symbols behind the base, they work, and in front they dont. presumably its overlapping definitions.

im going to attach an example that shows my problem.

merged_sym_on_top.svg is green, which is different than the base.

note that the example i pasted are from two GPLed projects.
Franck moi (coolaman)

Red plus symbol in a circle icon taken from wikimedia commons:
David Vignoni