View Full Version : [ubuntu] Network speeds to UEC Walrus/S3 Buckets

February 1st, 2011, 10:58 PM
What kind of speeds are everyone getting when sending data to the S3/Walrus buckets? My CC/SC server is on a gig network but my writes to the buckets are only writing at 5-10 MB?! /sec

Total processed data size is 66.69 MB, elapsed time 13 Min 3 Sec, throughput 5.088 MB/Min

Is there anything I can test internally to test the I/O speeds of the system? The server is not under any kind of heavy load according to uptime. The disk is a 70gb or so SCSI drive drive in a Dell 2850. There is plenty of space on the drive/partiton as well so I'm at a loss to explain the horrible performance.