View Full Version : Phones for Linux

February 1st, 2011, 04:42 AM
I guess this goes best here, especially with "Community Cafe" closed.

Anyway, I'm tired of shelling out $46.84 a month to T-Mobile, especially since I get little to no reception in my dorm room. I'm looking specifically at Virgin Mobile, since they have a plan that's $25/month for 300 minutes and unlimited texts and data. Their two "real" smartphones are the Samsung Intercept and LG Rumor Touch (that and a Blackberry, but if I'm paying $200 for a phone, I want a touch screen)

My questions are:
Does anyone have experience with the Rumor Touch or Intercept with Linux?
Can they sync MP3s with Banshee/Rhythmbox as easily as my iPod?
Is the Intercept really worth another $100?
Do you know of a different company with a better deal on service?