View Full Version : [SOLVED] Windows Recovery = Ubuntu gone

Microsoft Hater
January 30th, 2011, 04:55 PM
Hi all,

I just reformatted my c: partition with my d: windows recovery drive, and now I lost ubuntu on sdb3.

I used the live usb to try and see what's going on; the ext partitions still remain, and windows recognizes it's appropriate drive size.

How do I get back into Ubuntu? There is no grub, no anything...

Any and all help is extremely appreciated.

January 30th, 2011, 05:31 PM

Sounds like you need to reinstall grub. Windows overwrites the MBR.


and read section Reinstalling from LiveCD

Kind regards

Microsoft Hater
January 31st, 2011, 03:49 AM
That's it! Thanks very much!