View Full Version : [ubuntu] Cloud Computing OpenStack.com Problem

January 28th, 2011, 12:40 PM
CloudComputing Problem.. Please Help

This happened after installing Openstack-Nova-Compute & running it.

This problem occured during this step

"sudo nova-manage project zipfile IRT anne"
I'm not connected to VPN. I dont know why this Error is occuring.
How to handle this error and where the data should be hosted in cloud. Please Explain me elaborately.
""""root@cse-nwl21-ubuntu:/# sudo nova-manage project zipfile mycloud cloud
(nova.auth.manager 2011.1-workspace:tarmac-20110115022500-fcgl1yga6csc221i): WARNING [N/A] No vpn data for project mycloud
root@cse-nwl21-ubuntu:/# """""
I ve Ubuntu-10.04 in system.