View Full Version : [SOLVED] Mythbuntu 10 vs Ubuntu 10.10?

January 23rd, 2011, 08:37 PM
I've got a box built that, among other things, will be acting as our primary media center; the caveat is that as our LCDTV can handle the broadcast digital signal standalone our "media center" will only really be used for streaming and as a file server for a couple of our other workstations & laptops. I plan to virtualbox an install of WinXP to stream Netflix...

Since it's likely that I will not be doing any sort of TV capture on the box is Mythbuntu still the way to go or would Ubuntu proper be a better distro?

I've got Mythbuntu 10 installed but it's lacking some of the features (where is the !@! Ubuntu Software Center?) that I liked in Maverick. It does have the option to configure a remote which might be an interesting avenue to explore (I'll have to see how well my bluetooth trackpad+keyboard plays with Linux) but what other benefits does Mythbuntu offer as a media center besides capture?

Also, dunno if it matters, but specs of the new box are as follows:

Tyan Thunder S2915-E
2 x Opteron 2378 / 32GB DDR667-RE
EVGA GeForce 275 GTX / Tuniq 1000W PSU
Crucial 256GB M225 SSD (primary boot partition)
ARC-1120 PCI-X / 3 x 2TB Hitachi 7200 RAID5 (data partition - we'll see if it works)

Even with the VM I know this is way overkill for a media center; I've been collecting components over the better part of a year and this past week just decided "what the heck" and threw them all together.

January 23rd, 2011, 11:18 PM
Dammit - just realized there is a Mythbuntu specific thread... and since I can't figure out how to move (or delete) this thread I guess I should just repost it: