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February 23rd, 2005, 08:15 PM
hi all..

I think apt needs to be seriously overhauled in the 'messages' it displays when something goes wrong..

I know atm that gftp is 'borked' in the repositorhy ( and dont tell me to use nautilius...its convulted ) but can't we have better error reporting during apt process's ??

ie: something wont install and we get this nonsense::

Depends: gftp-gtk but 2.0.17-6ubuntu0.2 is to be installed
Depends: gftp-text but it is not going to be installed

now the problem with THAT is this:

gftp-gtk is 'already installed' and AT THAT very version...

does anyone see a problem with this ? ;-))

this has been the case for as long as I've used debian/apt and I think its time its fixed..if those in charge dont have time email me i'm glad to help out