View Full Version : [ubuntu] Evolution no longer seeing folders after transfer

January 21st, 2011, 06:50 AM

I moved my evolution mail data from a older version of evolution that was on a Dell with ubuntu feisty (7.04) on it to my brand new pangolin laptop from system 76 meerkat (10.10). The transfer appeared to go alright as evolution on the pangolin saw my folders and I was able to send and receive e-mail just as I had done on my old Dell.

After I logged off and later logged back in and started up evolution all my folders have disappeared. I checked .evolution and the folders and the old e-mails are there, but for some reason evolution is not seeing them now.

I tried re-copying my files to .evolution and .gconf2 ,but this did not work as it had done before.

Any suggestion to what is going wrong?