View Full Version : [ubuntu] Order Crazy sata hdd when I go to install 64bit Ubuntu 10.10

January 20th, 2011, 07:34 PM
This is no spam the last post this bad and I can not remove.

This is my problem and only happens to me with Ubuntu 10.10 64bit until now, when I will install from a live cd or pendrive when entering the gparted or fdisk -l when selecting the partitions manually, I realize that the way in which takes the order of my sata disk is not in the order in which it is installed, so I explained my disks are installed:

sata0 western digital 1tb
sata1 western digital 2tb
sata2 western digital 2tb

And so are partitioned:
- 50gb ntfs (Label WINDOWS)
- 50gb ext4 (Unlabeled, used for install root)
- 50gb ntfs (Label WINDOWS-BACKUP)
- 04gb swap (Unlabeled)
- Rest ext4 (Label backup1)

- All ext4 (Label backup2)

- All ext4 (Label backup3)

Ubuntu 10.10 relates as follows:
sda1 sata1
sdb1 sata2
sdc1...6 sata0

Of course in the card bios (gigabyte 880ga-UD3H) disks are ordered by priority as physically install SATA0, SATA1, SATA2.

When you install and configure manually mounted partitions I can not take my SATA0 example where I want to install on sda system as it is as sdc. This only happens to me with Ubuntu 10.10 with others or with the SystemRescueCD or the Gparted or with Ubuntu 10.04

I'll go crazy. There is a way to rearrange the order of the sata on the live cd of Ubuntu 10.10 64bit?