View Full Version : [ubuntu] Workaround for bluetooth moble broadband tethering issue (10.10 Maverick)

January 20th, 2011, 04:23 PM
Ever since upgrading to 10.10 I've had nothing but trouble establishing a mobile broadband connection over bluetooth. I've followed the advice I found in the forums, but no luck. Network manager just drops the connection. It worked the first time I tried it, and that was it.

So, frustrated, I began searching for alternatives and found Sakis3G (http://www.sakis3g.org/). At the moment it only works for GSM, which is fine since that's what my carrier uses. It worked perfectly, first and every time. It's not as hands-free as Network Manager, but it gets me connected, every time (giving you the disappointed stare, Canonical).

So, until someone comes up with a REAL solution to the problem, I recommend giving Sakis3G a try. Hope this helps someone out!