View Full Version : [all variants] PCMCIA card. need one

January 20th, 2011, 12:52 AM
ok some of you may remember my... issues.. with my wireless card on my Dell Inspiron 1150.... suffice it to say I scrapped that whole mess having done some studying and pretty much came to the conclusion that I could make it work only of I wrote a script to disable my Ethernet, in favor of my Wireless and back again... it really wasn't the solution I wanted... heh.

anyway, I have been considering getting a separate Wireless NIC so I can slam it into my PCMCIA slot (which I don't use for anything anyway and disabling the internal one altogether. in addition to have N networking capabilities, I will be able to HOPEFULLY use the new NIC with Linux. I am currently running the UBUNTU Mint if it matters (got tired of reloading all the programs every time i reformatted).

My question is this, "Does anyone KNOW a PCMCIA card that works with Linux?" help is mucho appreciated.

Love Linux, Hate life,