View Full Version : [ubuntu] can't see taskbars

Robert John Kelly
January 19th, 2011, 07:38 PM
i just installed netbook 10.10 on my acer. at first i thought it didn't work which would have sucked bc i formatted everything. for some reason everything works but i can't see the taskbars. once i click on the upper one it will show but the sidebar shows pure white. i can move the mouse up and down it and click through it but for some reason i can't see what i'm actually clicking on. i've seen the way it should look and am confused as to why nothing shows. i've gone through all of the settings i can think of to change the appearance hoping it would work but still can't get it. i don't see anything else on the problem in the forums. can anyone give me some advice?

January 19th, 2011, 08:58 PM
Can you get the normal gnome desktop from the login window's session menu?

If you auto login, and therefore do not normally see a login screen, but also now have no obvious way to logout, try Alt Gr+Print Screen+K pressed together, which should end the session and then go back to the login screen.

If you can get gnome (Ubuntu Desktop version, in the menu) it will at least mean that the OS can run properly on that hardware, and maybe it is just the unity desktop that is a problem.