View Full Version : [ubuntu] latest 64bit update

January 19th, 2011, 11:26 AM

I had an update manager message on my screen this morning and I started the update via update manager of Ubuntu10.04LTS on a AMD64. Google-Chromium and a related package and three other packages were updated. Restart required and I restarted the computer. When I wanted to log on to my user, after giving my password, few seconds afterwards login screen reappeared and I could not log-in. I used Alt-Cntl-F1 and and tried logging in, I was successful. I tried startx but got a message saying that the server is used and I have to remove /tmp/.XOlock. When I did this startx did not worked. For some reason after the update I can not log on to my user or to any user using graphic screen. What happened after the update and how can I solve this problem.

Many thanks