View Full Version : [ubuntu] Vidalia exit node?

January 18th, 2011, 11:58 PM

I am wondering if anybody knows why Vidalias standard setting for a relay is an exit node?

Is this the same if you just install TOR and run it through the terminal?

Because I imagen that most home users doen't want to be an exit node, but still contribute to the TOR network by beeing an internal node.

I think it is rather hard to find out if you are an exit node or not in Vidalia (and the rest of the TOR software on ubuntu). Wouldn't it be great with a messagebox in the Vidalia GUI that informed you that you where an exit node?

I'm not sure if this it the right place to post it but I can't seem to find any forum for Vidalia/TOR only.

What are your thoughts on this?