View Full Version : [ubuntu] windows 7 network

January 18th, 2011, 03:59 PM
Im sorry its been discussed before but I still cant seem to solve it,

I have 2 win7 computers, which can see and access each other via homegroup (when its working) or by regular old-school workgroup and an ubuntu 10.04 computer which cant see and is not seen by the windows comps. The annoying thing is that it briefly worked (for about 5mins) the other day but not since. I have pyneighbourhood on ubuntu and I can manually put in the local IP of one of the windows comps and the list of shares comes up - but none will mount. In nautilus if I click network I get a windows network icon that will not open saying 'failed to retrieve share list from server'

I have latest samba

I have a dsl internet connection/modem hooked up to a wireless router and all comps get internet via the wireless network - no dramas there

what can I do to get the network to work properly

please help