View Full Version : [ubuntu] Dynex Ethernet Hub - not connecting?

January 18th, 2011, 01:31 AM
The modem I have connects with only one computer so we got a Hub (Dynex 10Base-T Ehternet Hub - DX-EHB4) to connect two computers.
He dual-boots Ubuntu/Windows - the Ethernet connects on his windows via the hub; as does his Ubuntu.
I dual boot Ubuntu/Windows as well. It is not connecting to the internet via the hub, and my windows does not connect either. (But this is unrelated because I lack sufficient drivers for Windows because windows is crap. But that is for another time...)
My Ethernet port is actually connected to my hard drive, whereas he has one not connected to the motherboard. Another dynex model.

How do I I fix it and get Ubuntu to register the connection?