View Full Version : [ubuntu] Help!!!! ubuntu 10.10 wireless not working

January 17th, 2011, 11:29 PM
I have ubuntu 10.10, and i can connect with a wire but not with a wireless adapter,

this is what happens,

i find the wireless network,
attempt to connect to it, (put in password ect..)
then it fails connection and give me a message saying "bad password"

i have tried iwconfig and that hasnt worked
i have accessed the router and used different encryptions (it also will not connect with no security password needed)

not really sure what to do because it finds the network, but doesnt do anything else?

any help would really be useful here, my computer is a Hp a808.uk, i got a i386 build, 1024mb ram, thats the only change i made to it, intel celeron processor, the wireless adapter is a belkin g,

i got more info if needed