View Full Version : [ubuntu] sbackup problem ... No backup profile found. No default profile was found...

January 17th, 2011, 10:56 PM
I have been using the sbackup for more than half a year now ...
as from today I do not seem to be able to open up the sbackup configuration tool for whatever reason.
it returns the message "No backup profile found.
No default profile was found. You are probably running Simple Backup for the first time. A backup profile using default values was created.
Please modify the settings according to your needs and save the configuration in order to use it.".

what caused the issue ?? how can I get back to my previous sbackup

I have checked the /etc/sbackup.conf and it is there as I have configured it at the beginning => with proper setup !!

I have also noticed that the daemon still seems to run the backup, but the UI does not seem to start-up, meaning I cannot get access to my backup up file either.

Does anyone had the same experience ? What can I do to learn sbackup about my profile ?

best regards, Patrick.