View Full Version : [all variants] Software versions vs package manager

SoFl W
January 17th, 2011, 10:28 PM
I know this is a reoccurring discussion, I tried doing a search but I am not hitting on the correct search terms.

The other day I found a thread where I could request the team update a package version found in the package manager to that of the version on the software makers website. I believe it said to go to launch pad and fill out a bug request, but mark it as a software upgrade. However I want to make sure I follow the rules and make the request correctly.

I am sure there is a FAQ or topic on this, I am just not finding it with my search terms. (I am using google not the form search) The software has been updated several times and the software in the package manager will no longer work with the hosts main server. How does one request the Synaptic Package Manger get the latest version of a piece of software?

I am interested in PokerTH, Package manger version 7.x, PokerTH 8.3. I have downloaded and installed it directly from the site but would like to see an upgrade in the repositories.