View Full Version : [ubuntu] OpenVPN bridging setup help

January 17th, 2011, 09:33 PM
Hello everyone.

For some time now I am trying to setup an OpenVPN server in bridged mode (Ubuntu 10.04 Lts). The goal is for the clients to be able to reach all the servers behind Openvpn server's lan. I have followed the official OpenVPN guide for Ubuntu 10.04.

My network setup is:
Private lan:
Openvpn server ip:
Gateway public ip: 79.xxxxxxxxx
I have forward port 1195 to the Vpn server through my gateway firewall.
Besides that no other firewall is running.

I can connect and ping the server both from windows and ubuntu clients. The difference is that from windows I can reach the private lan but not from ubuntu clients.

Any suggestions please?