View Full Version : [ubuntu] pb in joining an active directory win server - URGENT

January 13th, 2011, 12:42 AM
Hi all,
I do need an urgent help. My customer is stacked !

I try to integrate an ubuntu 10.04 workstation into a win 2003 server active directory..and i fail.
it's the first time i try that...
Workstation has hostname 2LL008
2LL008 is defined as one of the workstation in the AD
The ubuntu user name and password are defined in the AD.
Domain is actually working for other windows workstations.
Domaine name is 2LGP.
Following online docs, i have tried joining the domain using likewise, samba, .... but unsuccessfully : the windows network is not accessible and the workstation doesn't "see" it.

Please HELP.