View Full Version : [ubuntu] A couple questions

January 12th, 2011, 03:06 AM
Ok, so these questions have all probably been answered before, but I need a little clarity to help me understand. Theres a couple things I want to do with my Ubuntu Server (I'm running 10.10).

1. I want to stream music and I'm using subsonic to do this. So far its working like a champ, I'm kinda disappointed it doesn't have internet radio. But I want to ask, is this the best choice? All I want to do is provide music for my family and friends.

2. I want to have photo albums/run slideshows of them on my server. I found a site that showed most of the "Web server Linux Software" Gallary wise, and I'd like to have opinions on which are best, and easiest to install.

3. Lastly I'm interested in setting up E-mail. Once again I don't know what is best to install for that.

4. I'm doing this mostly to gain some experience in servers and Linux, and basically just learn. Is there any other interesting things I could put on my server besides music pictures and email? I know servers can do a lot of things, so I'd like get involved with something else.

4. Technical question: When I log into my server through PuTTy, is it normal for it to ask for my password about 6 seconds after I put in my username?... it didn't use to be that long, so it seems odd.

Any input you can give me would be great!