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January 11th, 2011, 07:28 AM
Hey Everybody,

I wanted to see if someone could help me in customizing ubuntu 10. I work in a university, and people here are all using Windows. I want to promote ubuntu and have done some courses on it. Now we have a ubuntu fan base in here. Now what i wanted to do is to customize ubuntu a little bit according to the university. For example want to provide local language with the install cd, change the splash, backgrounds and stuff like these. I searched the net, and found out about Preseeding. now i can do some installation customization with that. Then there was Reconstructor toolkit, that i could use for extensive customization. It sounded a good tool, but then all i could was "Reconstructor-engine" from the site. I couldn't for example access the web UI and i couldn't find anyway to get use of its engine. My question is, is it still available for free? or is there some other software/hacks that i could achieve the mentioned points.


P.S: I thought this was suitable place to paste the question, if not, administrators please point out.