View Full Version : [ubuntu] invalid response from Proxy dns lookup failure in my domains

January 10th, 2011, 07:11 PM
I am having a server which is in a corporate data centre.
So on a lot of firewall DNS and similar stuff it is the sys admins of company who have a control than me.
I had to setup a cluster where I have 4 Virtual Machines and each of them has a different websites and several different applications would be served on them.
The only connection allowed to me is via an Apache Reverse Proxy.
So I do not have a DNS entry in my hand.
Some one else booked a Domain name and pointed to the public IP (which was given to me by people in my organization)

Since I do not have DNS (and also not allowed to have one on the server above where I mentioned all) so I added in

/etc/hosts localhost myserver.com (http://myserver.com/) site4.myserver.com (http://site4.myserver.com/) site1.myserver.com (http://site1.myserver.com/) site2.myserver.com (http://site2.myserver.com/) site3.myserver.com (http://site3.myserver.com/)

and /etc/host.conf

order hosts,bind
multi on

nsswitch.conf entry

hosts: files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns mdns4

Things seem perfect upto here.

My proxy pass entries look as follows

ProxyPass /app1
ProxyPass / (
ProxyPassReverse /app1
ProxyPassReverse / (

If I use the entries as above then some one from internet is able to
access the sites.But from within LAN people are unable to access it.

How ever if I use

ProxyPass /app1 http://site1.myserver.com:8080/app1
ProxyPass / http://site1.myserver.com (http://site1.myserver.com/)
ProxyPassReverse /app1 http://site1.myserver.com:8080/app1
ProxyPassReverse / http://site1.myserver.com (http://site1.myserver.com/)

then things work on LAN but from internet it is not accessible and
errors are the ones I mentioned above in the thread and people get an error

invalid response from Proxy dns lookup failure in my domains
So what can be a feasible solution since in any case I will not be allowed to have a DNS within corporate environment for my project.