View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installing Windows on second HDD without CD/USB/...

January 10th, 2011, 05:08 PM

first of all, I'm facing this problem for over 2 weeks now (probably because of my own stupidity) and I've searched these forums and the rest of the entire internet :)

So for Christmas I got myself a new computer game but obviously (?) I can't get it working in Ubuntu and so I wanted to install windows on a second HDD. I have my windows as a .ISO file so thought I'd burn it to a CD and that is that, install and job done. Got Nero Linux but it won't recognise my DVD writer, and neither will any other program. Strange that, since audio cd's, and even the game I got are recognised by the DVD. So I'm assuming it can read, but can't write (although it's a reader/writer, yes:P).

Anyway since a .ISO is in fact a 'copy' of a cd I thought I -after formatting- would just extract it and copy the files to the HDD, but this too doesn't seem to work. I think I've tried just about anything now, and is it my searching skills, but nowhere on the net can I find something about how to get windows to a HDD without a cd or usb or even floppy's!!!

It's driving me crazy, and it won't last too long before I go out and kill somebody, honestly!:D

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Lars Capaldi