View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hi! from newby & problem with new install & EMC2

January 8th, 2011, 04:34 AM
I am fairly windows literate but a real linux dummy. I am wanting to use EMC to run my lathe and mill after I convert to CNC. I got a great ebay deal on three compumotor 400+ oz in steppers and drives. I an 63 yrs old and pretty well can figure most things out.

I was able to configure my drives in the DOS version of TurboCNC and got the motors to run but want to try EMC.

I have been trying to install ubuntu & EMC for about a week. First it would get about 50% done and then get a "disk error", I made sure the m5sum was correct on both the download and the infrarecorder created cd. I finally replaced my hard drive and got it to install but have glitches.

When it first loads up there is no "taskbar" at the top or bottom like windows. If I keep screwing around I can finally get a "taskbar"

Also, I can't get on the internet with firefox.

I originally downloaded ubuntu first from the website and all worked ok, even the internet. I then downloaded the ubuntu & EMC from linuxcnc.com and reinstalled it and now I have the problems.

(I also have XP on that computer but will probably uninstall it if I can get EMC to run.

Also in EMC I am able to configure my axises but when I try to run, the emc screen pops up for an instant then shuts down and I get error messages.

Can anyone help???


January 8th, 2011, 11:07 PM
A little progress.

Now when I boot into ubuntu the taskbar I setup previously does come up.

In an attempt to fix not seeing my linksys wireless card I searched and found some information.

I whent to terminal and typed in :

sudo apt-get install ndisgth

reply was:

could not find package ndisgtk

What do I do now??