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Chooch Train
January 7th, 2011, 07:36 PM
I hope this helps someone. One thing that has been holding me back from using Ubuntu as my only operating system is that I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking (a talk to text program, basically no typing is required). This program is only found on Windows and Apple. I can now use dragon natural speaking inside of my Ubuntu. This is accomplished through several different programs (very easy programs to install) . First, I use virtualbox with a running Windows xp operating system inside of it. This is a purchase copy of Windows Xp so no pirating is necessary (were not Mac users). Inside of the virtual Windows XP I have installed Dragon NaturallySpeaking (a purchase copy). This is all done very easily through virtual box. Through the USB attached devices you can enable a microphone to work inside of the virtual Windows XP. I also have enabled shared folders with the virtual box so that when I have accomplished a task requiring Dragon NaturallySpeaking (such as this message) I just drag the completing text file into the shared folders and Ubuntu then has access to it. If you are used the using dragon natural speaking the initial setup can take some time but other than that, the extra steps are very minimal. If you have never use Dragon NaturallySpeaking I have received a bachelor's and masters degree using only this program to type all of my papers. Believe me the time that you save is dramatic. No one can type a faster paper. Anyone has any further question I definitely help out the best I can. If anyone has any further information about this process it would be greatly appreciated.