View Full Version : [ubuntu] login screen says 10.10 under 11.04 after fsck

January 7th, 2011, 05:35 AM
Maybe it's not important but it is kinda weird. Mainly I boot from a partition with 11.04, Natty Narwhal, in the 32 bit version, but I borked it somehow. So I booted from a partition with the 64 bit version and used fsck. Seems to have worked fine. I now boot the 32 bit version from the repaired filesystem and as far as I can tell everything works just fine (yay, fsck!). I can click System, About Ubuntu and it confirms I am using 11.04. And all the stuff I accumulated on my desktop is unchanged. I installed this from scratch with a Narwhal live disk reformatting the partition in the process so I can't see any possibility of stray files from earlier OSs. And all my partitions are present and accounted for and none of them have 10.10 on them. So how come the screen that comes up when I reboot says Ubuntu 10.10 in a bold graphic with little dots under it? There is no disk in my DVD/CD drive. I do not have an external drive attached. Where the devil does that graphic come from? Maybe it was there all along and I just never noticed it but I wouldn't think so. Could fsck have done this? Where could it have gotten the graphic from since 10.10 isn't on my system? Am I losing my bleeding mind?