View Full Version : [ubuntu] Location or connection aware proxy configuration.

January 6th, 2011, 05:51 PM
Not sure this is the wright place, but I decided to ask a few questions before trying to file a feature request.

There's a nice feature on iPhone that could be replicated on Ubuntu, and would even be a feature that would put it ahead of other "Desktops" OSes on that aspect.

I owe a Notebook, and I constantly find myself configuring different proxies for different connections. My work network, my clients network, my home network, etc.

On the iPhone the proxy configuration is associated with the connection configuration, so, as I change from one WiFi network to another, it'll automatically switch proxies.

It would be nice to replicate this behavior, and maybe improve on it.

There could be a "standard" configuration (with proxy or not) and the "connection" configuration, that would surpass the former.

I know there is the location option on the Gnome's proxy settings, but it's not very simple to use, and requires user interaction EVERY TIME, one uses it...

Just my two cents...

Also, does anyone knows why on earth does firefox ignores user and password settings from the gnome settings? It's a really bi pain in the butt!

Best regards folks!