View Full Version : [ubuntu] Failed Printer install disableing updates

January 6th, 2011, 02:23 PM
Problem: Trying to install drivers for a brother hl3040 from Brother site failed and the update manager now will not run. It gives me the following:

E: The package hl3040cnlpr needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.

Please note. I was trying to pull some sort of functionality out of my shorts to get this POS printer to work and was throwing it against to wall to see what stuck. Getting rid of it is now the point.

have tried sudo apt-get remove hl3040cnlpr but get the same error message

Synaptic Package Manager also fails. It will not start and brings up the same error message with the bonus line "E internal error opening chache (1). Please report.

Anyone got an idea?