View Full Version : [ubuntu] Dual Monitor Help

January 6th, 2011, 02:30 AM
Hello there,

i have been wanting to move onto linux for a long time, but procrastinated as it is quite a leap from the fluffy mothering GUI of Windows into the raw diversity of Linux, but i finally did it, and i have already fell in love with this OS.

i am running Linux Ultimate Edition 2.8 (Ubuntu 10.10), and i have set everything up except for a few faults such as my G35 Headset software won't install so im stuck at 2:1, but i can live with that.

BUT! my main problem is that i run 2x 8800GT SLi, and a 3dFX voodoo3 PCI graphics card for the 2nd screen, now, Linux only sees a single 8800GT which tells me that SLi is working... or my 2nd card is dead

it seems to know what my other card is (the voodoo) in the hardware monitor, although i cant seem to get the multi-monitor software that's built into this OS to see it.

ive been looking around and i found many guides, but i dont know the... computer name? of my 2nd monitor? as it always come up as "plug and play monitor" in Windows.

i have tried editing the Xorg.conf but that just made my OS boot straight into a console and i had to look up a guide on how to restore the Xorg file using my ipod.

can anyone give me a hand and help me understand what i should be editing in the Xorg.conf?

Thankyou for your time