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January 4th, 2011, 02:57 PM
Hey guys,

I work at a small company where we use to deploy things by just checking out the repo and copying stuff to production servers. This has to come to an end, enter .deb packages! :)

So I'm wondering what's the best procedure to do that. I already know how to create .deb packages, most of our stuff is Python and we're going to use python-support and cdbs. But how to maximally automate this?

We have a Git repo and ideally the whole thing should work like this:
* a tag is created in the Git repo (the version can be provided manually)
* some file like 'version.py' is created so that setup.py and the packaged software can refer to it and know the tag
* changelog is created from the Git commit logs
* the package is built (that's the part I've worked out - python-support and cdbs are involved here)
* optionally, the package is uploaded somewhere

There's a .deb package named 'git-buildpackage', is it suitable for this task? So far I can tell that it has one drawback - it looks for the 'debian/' directory in the root of the repository, which is not the case - our repo consists of several subdirectories, each contains a subproject that will be packaged independently.



January 4th, 2011, 04:14 PM
a better subforum:

January 4th, 2011, 04:44 PM
Yeah, you're right :)