View Full Version : Banned my account for following the Code of conduct?! Now ignored? What is this?

January 4th, 2011, 04:33 AM
I clearly read the code of conduct before inserting a link in my signature:

Spam (unsolicited advertising): Spam will be moved to Spamalot in the forum Jail and the account posting it will likely be banned. You are allowed to have links to personal sites in your signature and in your profile, and may post them in threads on occasion (just not often, please) as long as the content of the site linked does not include material that violates this code of conduct and if you are not posting any other form of advertising.

Links: You may post links to sites with content that is acceptable according to this code of conduct. This is most useful when giving tech support and explaining a topic and then linking to a wiki page or Linux site with more information. You may also link to your personal site.

You guys banned my account anyways..

I complained and they apologized and reinstated it. I made another post and guess what? It's banned!

I have the emails from your admin saying that it was ok for me to have a link to my personal website which is my business. Everytime I try to post they ban me, I can't even log in under my account to make this post. Here it is:

---Quote (Originally by edwardtilbury)---

How about this: I create a new account without a url in the name..


Then I recreate my signature with a link to my personal website in that profile, would that be ok?
---End Quote---
If I'm honest, it's still borderline, for me at least. However, after discussion with other staff members, provided there's no aggressive marketing of the site, I'm happy to let you use this name.

As duplicate accounts are against the CoC, please PM me to let me know whether you're happy to go ahead with this or not, and I will disable this account (meaning you can use the same email address as you are now to register).

So as of today "edwardtilbury" and "carbon-fiber-hoods" are still banned. Even though your admin clearly said :

I'm happy to let you use this name.

Can you reinstate my account and inform all the admins so I don't have to keep going through this whole ordeal? I emailed them many times but they just ignore it.

January 4th, 2011, 07:19 AM
I do not have access to the email or PM you are referring to , and do not recall discussing your site with any staff member.

The account "edwardtilbury" was apparently closed at your request, although I do not have more information then that.

I looked at your site and it has nothing to do with Linux, let alone Ubuntu, and as such it appears to me as spam and thus a violation of the code of conduct.

As such, I feel it is inappropriate for you to use the user name


or to include a link to your site in your signature.

I would be willing to allow you an account on these forms without the spam, ie no links to carbon-fiber-hoods

If that is acceptable, what account would you like ? This one or "edwardtilbury" ?