View Full Version : [ubuntu] KVM Tweak

January 2nd, 2011, 12:33 PM
I just installed a kvm and I am not getting the anticipated result. I think the problem may be a PC graphics card settings rather than the switch. I can replicate the problem on different kvm ports and using different cables.

I have two pcs connected, a server and a PC. The server is no issue. I can watch it start up and then see it later. The PC is a problem. I can watch it power on / load and then switch to the server to take a look. However, I cannot get the PC video to start again when I switch back. The keyboard / mouse are working as they should though.

The pc video card is a GeForce 9400 GT. There are quite a lot of settings to play with but I cannot readily see anything to experiment with. Sync to VBlank is not selected but after reading the help file I get the idea that it may not apply here.

Has anyone experienced this at all or found a fix?