View Full Version : [SOLVED] Installing GDM Themes (problem)

December 31st, 2010, 06:26 AM
Hi, everyone...

Before I start describing here, I want to make sure you know I'm running Ubuntu Lucid/10.04...

So I'm trying to activate the login theme that goes with my distro, so I'm trying to work with GDM. The website:


says, "
Note that Ubuntu now uses a new, more integrated version of GDM. You can set the theme using the sataniconf script. Run sataniconf with no options to get a list of themes. For example, for the Satanic theme:
sataniconf gdm SE-Satanic"

What does it mean by "Run"? I assumed at first this meant "open a terminal
window and input the above as a command" but the terminal responded with
"command not found."

I also tried going in through System> Administration> Login Screen, but
everyone seems to have a different experience with the behavior of such
than I do. They say when that opens, there should be a list of themes
available from which to choose, and having installed the right packages,
the one I want will be available in the list. The window they mention
doesn't open for me. Instead, I get a window titled "Login Screen
Settings" with a very short list of preference settings and boxes to check them.

They are:

"When computer starts up:
[ ] Play Login Sound
[ ] Show the screen for choosing who will login
[ ] Login as (my username) automatically
[ ] Allow: (#) seconds for anyone else to login


Select: (drop-down menu)
Gnome (this session logs you into Gnome)
xterm (fail-safe session with only xterm)
Failsafe Gnome (this session logs you into Gnome without User Applications)

Could anyone please tell me how to find/select the login theme I need?

Thanks ahead of time to anyone who answers! =)