View Full Version : [java]Deadkey problem

February 22nd, 2005, 06:24 PM

Does anyone else happen to experience problems with chars like " ' ` ~ ^ etc? Or am I the only one? The problem is that I cannot input deadkey chars without copy & pasting them from another (non java) program. They display correctly, however. Btw I can input special chars like etc the usual way (with deadkeys).

I've already found a solution (actually, it's more a workaround). When I switch my keyboard layout to US without deadkeys I can input deadkey chars without any problem, but then, of course, I cannot input special chars () in any program anymore. So this is not a viable option really, as I have grown used to deadkeys.

Does anyone know a solution for this problem? It is very annoying to copy a " everytime I need to use a String.

I am using Warty with the official sun jdk1.5