View Full Version : [ubuntu] Evolution 2.30.3 won't work off-line

December 28th, 2010, 05:44 PM
On occasion, I have need to connect to the Internet by tethering with my cell phone. Historically, when I do this and want to use Firefox or Evolution, I need to click the connection symbol or select work online from the menu. However, since upgrading to Ubuntu 10.10, this option is no longer available in Evolution. The options in the menu are grayed out and the connect symbol will not respond.

I know I have a good connection as I am writing this post via the tethered phone right now. My issue is with Evolution 2.30.3, not with the PPP networking.

This appears to be one of the cases where the developers decided that the machine is smarter than the man and the default option is to prevent you from even activating the option. Is there any way to override this "feature" and tell it to connect?