View Full Version : [ubuntu] file server

December 25th, 2010, 07:44 PM

i have Active Directoy 2003 (not Release 2 but i dont know if there is a big differences for my scope and if it's necessary to upgrade it );
then i have file server windows 2008 for my entire network windows pc ;

now i would like to replace it with file server ubuntu but i dont know the correct procedure and i have some doubts

1) install likewise and join to domain AD 2003
2) install samba
3) i create the folders for all users who have windows pc then

4) how can i give to folders the correct permissions becase the users are in active directory,not local users of linux server and i dont want use login anonymous

5) i have just read about NFS.. i can use it instead of samba or you can advise me to use samba

you can help me please?