View Full Version : [ubuntu] Splashscreen freeze

December 22nd, 2010, 11:11 PM

I have used Ubuntu before for a short while some time ago but in a very newbie frame of mind and I'm now trying to install 10.10 alongside XP pro (on a different machine from before).

The burned disc will read fine and 'Try' mode appears to work fine - although I have had problems dropping out of Software centre.

I've attempted to install as well, but on reboot I'm getting as far as the graded Orange screen (which is aligned to the left) with no cursor and no menu bar etc. It doesn't respond to anything- can't close it and it's the same in all the boot options.
The additional thing is that when I get into Ubuntu via CD, it will use my dual monitors without hesitation and I can configure them, but when I get Orange Splashscreen on the main monitor, the second monitor is told it's not supported.

(It should be noted that I also tried version 9.10 with the same outcome).

Any help is appreciated but I'm not really very Linux literate yet unfortunately.