View Full Version : Installation Problem 10.10

December 21st, 2010, 12:37 PM

I have weird installation problem. When i try to install Mythbuntu OS everything works well to the last step. At last step it ask me for my user name while it is installing the OS at background. Then it says "ready" but nothing change. i can move mouse over the screen but there is nothing to push like "finish installation button" or something like that. i wait for 2 hours and nothing changed. there is no error code. Then i decide to reset Pc and try to see if it installed grub or not, but there is no grub at booting page :(
I started to OS installation again and same problem occur for 6 trials

I have intel i3 proccessor with graph card and gigabyte h57m-usb3 motherboard. Can anyone help me please?

OS:Mythbuntu 10.10