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December 17th, 2010, 12:55 AM
I'm just trying to clear up my understanding of Private Cloud and UEC etc...

My most important question is: If I run an instance of Ubuntu Desktop on an Ubuntu Cloud Server, how can I use it. Do I connect to it through vnc? rdp? Can I connect from a windows OS? Do I need a separate boot able disk for the client computer? What are my options?

This all came up because I'm trying to switch my family to linux. They aren't ready to leave windows and the laptops that we have are not powerful enough to virtualize Ubuntu with Windows and they don't have enough disk space to dual boot (hard drives are 50 gig and under, none support virtualization, and even if I could force it to virtualize I would have a hard time convincing my family to use an OS inside an OS that takes forever to boot and has very limited computing power.)

I decided the best option would be to run Ubuntu from a server and let them use it remotely from the laptops. I prefer to not have to boot windows to connect to the virtual machine, but since they are wireless PXE booting isn't an option.

Can a Private Ubuntu Cloud Server help me do this, or would I be better off just setting up a desktop with virtual box running a few instances that can be connected to via vnc?

December 17th, 2010, 01:02 AM
I should also add that I want to use a cloud instead of booting from a flash drive so that I can fix problems remotely because I'm leaving for college soon. I want to switch everyone to linux so that I don't end up having to fix the computers every time I visit home for a holiday. Doing everything from a server would be even better because it would allow me to fix things without having to drive home.