View Full Version : [ubuntu] DNS Server is not accessable from out side local network

December 14th, 2010, 02:55 AM
I can access my dns server from the local network via ssh....but I can not from outside the local. Did I miss something? Any help would be great.

December 14th, 2010, 03:04 AM
You need to forward the correct ports from your router to the DNS server IP. It seems your server already has the correct ports open.

December 14th, 2010, 04:21 AM
yeah the ports are forwarded correctly as best I can tell......the dns server is not "inservice" yet it is just attached to the network for setup....I get a connection refused when trying to access it from outside the local network

December 14th, 2010, 04:36 AM
Make sure port 53 in the router is enabled for both UDP and TCP, and pointing to your DNS server. You need both.

December 14th, 2010, 06:10 AM
Also, if your DNS server is acccessible from the outside, make sure it's properly secured. Wouldn't want to allow people to piggyback off of your server and use it for attacks too right?

December 14th, 2010, 03:34 PM
Make sure ssh is listening on the external IP address of the DNS server if it is connected directly to the Internet, or that you have port forwarding setup if your DNS server is behind a router/firewall.


December 14th, 2010, 07:39 PM
Explain why you would need your internal DNS server open to the world, or even why you think you need a DNS server at all?


December 15th, 2010, 04:20 AM
well the dns is a venture more than a necessity. as far as having it open to the whole world that will only be temporary....as I said it is not "in service" yet as a server. Someone I know who is more profficient at dns than I am wants to set it up ....thats why the temporary access to the outside world

December 15th, 2010, 11:41 PM

December 16th, 2010, 01:28 AM
Since the server is not yet "in service", how are you trying to connect to it? Are you trying to connect with SSH? Remember, SSH uses port 22 by default, DNS uses 53.
Just to get some more info, please do a nmap inside the local network, on the server IP, and do a nmap on your external IP.

December 16th, 2010, 03:38 PM
After some more digging I found that the router had not "taken" the port opening I had given it. After a power cycle its all good

Thanks for the help all