View Full Version : Ubuntu Netbook Remix Freezes Frequently

December 9th, 2010, 01:32 AM
I installed ubntuntu netbook remix 10.10 on my HP Mini 210 a few days ago. (1gb ram, and 1.66ghz) I got it to work nicely after configuring the trackpad and a few minor things, but now, after about 30 minutes of computing or less, it will freeze unexpectedly and not accept any input at all. The screen just doesn't change at all. The last time it froze, the only thing I had open was vim, but this has crashed while other applications have been running too. Is there any reason this could be happening? Is it possible that the computer can't handle this distro of linux? It is designed for netbooks after all, and I've heard of people using it on this same computer many times before with any problems. Any input we be appreciated. Thanks.