View Full Version : [ubuntu] wireless internet + wired filesharing ubuntu / Windows 7

December 8th, 2010, 11:32 PM
wireless internet + wired filesharing ubuntu / Windows 7

Hi, I've installed WICD Network manager and SAMBA. it worked to make my downloads folder in Ubuntu accesible for Windows 7 trough my wireless connection,
but I can't get it to work with a wired connection.

My internet modem is connected to a Sitecom Wireless N router which routs the internet connection wireless through my house. I want to use my ubuntu desktop as a low powered 24/7 download machine and acces it with my Windows 7 main computer.
Both are connected by a seperate Wireless Dongle to the SiteCom Wireless N router for the internet. But next to my wireless network I have a SiteCom GigaByte switch for a fast wired connection for filesharing between both desktops.

I've installed Samba and it works fine through wireless, but I can't set up the seperate
wired connection for FileSharing. I've also installed WICD network manager, but with this tool I can't find any wired connection at all although Filesharing is open on my Windows 7 desktop.

My 3th pc, a Windows 7 desktop for Media Center purposses is working fine while using wireless internet next to the wired filesharing connection.

I hope you guys can help me solve this issue.

a little bit less urgent is my second question.
my main desktop has a wibuntu dual boot and I'm also stuck here,
because I can't get both computers to even see ech other at all while both running Ubuntu 10.10