View Full Version : [other] Which router to get for dd-wrt & 100/100 connection, 50-70 users

December 8th, 2010, 10:00 PM
Hi - the budget is really low and the features requirement is high, which is why I believe dd-wrt is a good solution as I know it can do what I need.

But I need some help on finding a heavy-duty ddwrt capable router, because there will be around 50-70 users on the 100/100 mbit fiber connection and I will be doing some hefty QoS setup which I am guessing is cpu intensive.

x86 is not an option as the physical room available is very small plus don't want an all that excessive hardware just for this purpose.

Wireless is not a need, but I do not mind that the router has this. My main concern is that looking through newer routers from example Linksys such as the E3000 - they have great specs such as 400 MHZ cpu and 64 MB ram, but they have not been tested that much. Are they potentially less stable than for example good old WRT54GL? Should I just go with the E3000, or are my needs not as requiring as I think they are and getting the WRT54GL or maybe the WRT160NL which Linksys claims to be "Open Source Supported" enough for what I will be doing.

What is your experience? Give me some advice please! :)

December 9th, 2010, 12:01 AM
For that many users, I would consider one router and several switches, which could also lower your cabling costs, if it's a new installation.

For that class of router, having support from the vendor can be extremely valuable. If you install dd-wrt, there goes your vendor support.

What currently exists? Is there a LAN and domain controller?