View Full Version : WiFi stopped working after update

December 8th, 2010, 01:44 AM
My netbook is a Sony Vaio vpcm121ax running on Netbook Remix. After I downloaded the recent updates my WiFi connection stopped working. I ran lshw -C metwork and it gave this message:

p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } WARNING: you should run this program as super-user.
*-network UNCLAIMED
description: Network controller
product: RT3090 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe
vendor: RaLink
physical id: 0
bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0
version: 00
width: 32 bits
clock: 33MHz
capabilities: bus_master cap_list
configuration: latency=0
resources: memory:fe900000-fe90ffff
description: Ethernet interface
product: JMC260 PCI Express Fast Ethernet Controller
vendor: JMicron Technology Corp.
physical id: 0.5
bus info: pci@0000:02:00.5
logical name: eth0
version: 02
serial: 54:42:49:61:7a:e4
width: 32 bits
clock: 33MHz
capabilities: bus_master cap_list ethernet physical
configuration: broadcast=yes driver=jme driverversion=1.0.5 latency=0 multicast=yes
resources: irq:27 memory:fe800000-fe803fff ioport:e100(size=128) ioport:e000(size=256)

What should i do to get it working again?