View Full Version : [ubuntu] set-up wired network between 2 PC's with swich and wireless

December 8th, 2010, 12:35 AM

I'm still new to ubuntu, but i'm getting realy frustraded because I don't know how to setup a network between the 2 computers where I have ubuntu 10.10 installed on.

I have a wireless router for the internet down in the basement and a second, wired connection for my pc's upstairs.

I'm using one as a download "server" and the other is my main desktop.
When I try to set-up a wired connection next to my wireless, I can;t get any further,
I just can't get the 2 computers the find each other, while they are both running on ubuntu 10.10.

I've installed WICD network manager, but even with this I can't get any futher.
can anyone help me to establish a seperate wired connection next to my wireless with a standard 8 port wired switch for filesharing next to my wireless internet connection? I'm experiencing the same with setting up a connection with windows 7 to ubuntu. I just can't find my ubuntu system.

I hope you guys van help me, since I really enjoy working with ubuntu, but unfortantly I'm still a noob with linux...