View Full Version : [ubuntu] Wammu Nokia 6300 *.backup to evolution

December 8th, 2010, 12:16 AM
Dear all (little hackers),

I do have a Nokia 6300 cellphone. And I already created a backup of my contacts with wammu-gui, which looks like similar to this:
Location = 064
Entry00Type = Name
Entry00Text = "SomeName"
Entry01Type = NumberGeneral
Entry01Text = "+0491234567"
There are no messages, calendar entries or Tasks or Notes.
I just want to have the phone-No and name.
So now I do have a file where all my contacts are stored and I want to import them into evolution.

I tried to fix this via Perl-Script and creating a vCard from this file so that it is possible to import them into evolution.
But it seems that "grep" or "sed" isn't able, to read from a file, which is binary, to read from output whith "cat".

For example:
cat /Path/to/my/backupfile.backup | grep -i Entry00Text

doesn't give me any results.


PS: any suggestion or experiences on that?
PS: Are there other ways to import Wammu *.backups into evolution?

Using: Ubuntu 10.04
Perl: v5.10.1